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Read our risk assessment and local authority guidelines re COVID 19

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Friday, September 4, 2020

How we manage COVID19

We will follow government guidelines and work with school to ensure continuity of care and routines during COVID - Click the image opposite to view >>

  • We ask parents to follow schools procedures for drop off and collection and to maintain social distancing rules at all times.
  • A member of staff will sign children into the setting, as parents are unable to enter the building to minimise contact.
  • We want our children to be safe and have fun, so we will be playing outdoors as much as possible – keeping children in their class groups/bubbles.

Our opening and closing times remain the same 7.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.


If your child attends breakfast club

They will still come into breakfast club at 7.30am and taken into school by staff, and we will take reception children from 2.45pm should children need to be collected at this time – speak to your club manager for details.

For further details please see our risk assessments for each club here (which will continue to be updated to reflect government guidelines throughout COVID):

Gateshead Council Guidance for Education Childcare Settings in the managment of Covid

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